From HarNomy to HarMony

NATURE , that are the people, the animals, the plants, the earth,the air, the water, the sun,......

We don't feel the connection between all these elements in HARMONY, that's why the wordplay HARNOMY.

The aim is to let people live with more consciousness with their surroundings, in harmony with themselves, in relations, on the workplace, but also with the animals, the plants, etc...

We believe that when everyone of us contributes in this, than nature will be back in HARMONY.

Do you want to create with us a " green living oasis" in                                                         Portugal?                                                                          

  The idea 

Developing an ecological and solidarity  place of living  based on simplicity, durability and exchanges.

Forming a community where residents, guardians of the Earth, make their contributions ,in humility and gratitude to make of this place , one of peaceful society, of close-knit brotherhood and of spiritual awakening. 

Why living differently?

living differently to : 

  • to cure Mother Earth and ourselves
  • and to anchor new consciousness , higher than thought. An awareness of truth where duality, mental limitations and ego will be transcended by the re-connection with your own Divine Soul.

Living together to :

  • build a collective experience for the progress of humanity.
  • to offer children a healthy environment thanks to the global permaculture and the (re-) discovery of the wisdom of Nature.

Discover the 7 pillars of Nature Harnomy to "live differently" in an eco village 

come home into the new paradise
come home into the new paradise