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Vzw Plukrijp

NoNonsense Permaculture at vzw Plukrijp

Plukrijp 2013
Plukrijp 2013

Thank You all

  • A beautiful piece of paradise where Eric lived for more than 3 years.
  • "I already had my experience ...." (Eric)

  • Be welcome at Plukrijp to experience your own experience ...

                    Yogi Swamiji Kapri                    Namasté   

Swamiji Kapri

Pushkar ( India )

                              De Kogi-indigenous                               Gracias

De Kogi-indigenous

in Belgium in 2016 thanks to Laetitia T. , Carlos S. en Eric F.


 The founders of "het zonneklasje" : Patricia, Mireille en Katleen

The healing power of  Ho'oponopono

The road to inner peace and unity consciousness

  • The Ho'oponopono method is originally a Hawaiian forgiveness and healing process with the primary purpose of connecting with our inner Divinity to get rid of everything that prevents us from living a harmonious life.

Ferme des Bois de Merle

Isabelle and Gavin have been living in the Corrèze for 12 years, next to Saint-Privat (in the Argentat region) in a piece of protected nature. They live in a house surrounded by forest and at the foot of the river "La Maronne" and of the medieval towers "Tours de Merle". (Vaur Lacoste - FR-19220 St Geniez o Merle)

Together they have created a piece of paradise on earth ... they have worked the soil and terrain to create an extensive permaculture garden in abundance. They are one with all laws of nature and work in a bio-dynamic way.

Isabelle and Gavin want to open up their domain to a few people who want to live there permanently and who are on the same wavelength as them .. 

Both Isabelle and Gavin speak fluent French and English. 

Both are also very artistic and would like to relive their passion for music and theater 

For more information, please contact: